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Benefits of Handwriting

In the modern world, you likely write a lot of content from texts and social media posts to emails and notes. However, it is likely that the vast majority of things that you write are on a keyboard or smartphone. Most people do not write much by hand anymore. However, there are lots of benefits that come from handwriting. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should make time to write.

Improves the Brain

Research has shown that the brain reacts differently when writing by hand versus when typing. Writing by hand has been shown to improve memory and also help people to better retain information. If you are working with new ideas or learning something, writing by hand is more effective than typing.


Many people find writing by hand to be a relaxing process. In fact, one of the reasons that people find activities such as journaling to be enjoyable is from the stress relief that comes from handwriting. Many people find it a very therapeutic act by nature. In fact, writing by hand has an effect on parts of the brain that is quite similar to meditation.

Improved Focus

One of the biggest benefits of handwriting is that it improves your focus. It forces you to see a train of thought out towards its conclusion, helping your brain to slow down. This is compared to typing where your hands can act almost as fast as your brain works. This is a particularly great benefit for people who have ADHD or other concentration issues.

Become a Better Writer

The benefits of handwriting have been noted ever since the invention of the typewriter. After all, many of the world’s best writers frequently write by hand including F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Stephen King. In fact, even screenwriters like Quentin Tarantino typically write their screenplays by hand before creating a typed copy.

Improves Critical Thinking

A lot of benefits of handwriting come form the ability to slow down your thoughts. One includes the ability to think more critically. As you write by hand, your mind can be more thoughtful, which can help you to find connections between thoughts and ideas. This can be effective when trying to solve a complex problem or determining how an abstract concept translates to practice.

Improves Self-Expression

Handwriting is the ideal medium for self-expression. After all, it gives you more time to consider your phrases and words. Additionally, handwriting lacks the finality that a computer screen has. It is normal to cross out words and add in content. This visualized editing can help you to develop your thoughts and feelings more, making content truly yours.

It Is Meaningful

This isn’t to say that an emailed note is not meaningful but sending someone a handwritten note is very meaningful. It signifies that you took more time and effort. It is a more personal touch that can make someone feel extra special. Think about it. Don’t you enjoy getting handwritten letters and notes? They are so rare in the modern world.