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PENNED APPEALS: Prayer Journals

Break free from the daily distractions of life, filter out the noise, and spend time with God through prayer. Praying is a universal way of communicating with Him. The simple, basic, and easy to use Penned Appeals: Prayer Journal helps you to jumpstart, deepen, and or strengthen your prayer life. It uses a P-R-A-Y method which is an effective way in focusing your prayers. P stands for Praise (blessings you are thankful for), R for Repent (sins you are repentant and are sorry for), A for Ask (intentions you are appealing for), and Y for Yield (matters you are yielding to God). The area for reflections/prayer diary enables you to keep track of your highs and lows, prayer requests, answered prayers, and or write down a verse that resonates with you at a particular point in time. Due to its simplicity in design, colors, and layout, it is not intimidating or overwhelming and does not take up too much of a given time. Use this Prayer Journal at any time, including each of those moments turned into opportunities for praying. Everyone can use this with ease – from primary kids, pre-teens, teens, and adults. A perfect surprise gift for any and every occasion – birthday, beginning of school, end-of-school, graduation, Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Easter, baby shower, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and many more!